Posh (#WeWont)

An Integrated Campaign to Eradicate Sexual Harassment of Women at

Workplace By Legal Intellects LLP

The Campaign and Methodology:
Legal Intellects LLP team of experts in their endeavour to revolutionalise the implementation of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, (POSH Act) has launched a countrywide campaign by attacking the menace of Sexual Harassment of Women through various means of communication and by involving the entire organisations.

Our Approach:
We, at Legal Intellects LLP, have worked tirelessly to develop a unique module in addressing this problem and helping the organisations by conducting training and awareness programmes through various sessions and  workshops and  through Innovative  Training Methods for the entire organisation at all levels by various Online and Off-line Customised Modules.

The Online Module on Exclusive Portal of Legal Intellects on MOODLE CLOUD:
Besides conducting workshops and personal training programmes, we have developed online training modules which cover the entire gamut of the subject through different customized formats:

    • The Basic Course – which caters to the Junior Management / Staff  levels in the organizational hierarchy
    • Advanced Training in POSH Act –for the Middle and Senior Management levels.
    • Module for Members of the IC (Internal Complaints Committee) covering their constitution, authority, procedures and reporting.
    • Module for Competent Authorities guiding them on internal policy, actions to be taken on the reports of IC and compliances of the mandatory provisions of the law (POSH Act).

Our Campaign:
#MeToo has unearthed which was so far kept under wraps by the victims of this menace. We, at Legal Intellects, have come out with a campaign to create an awareness leading to a commitment through which every citizen of the country will take a pledge  #WeWont which is Gender Neutral wherein the Men will commit that they won’t commit and Women won’t bear the sexual harassment anymore. This can be made possible only with the complete involvement and commitment on the part of everyone in the organization, and above all, every citizen of this country.

Download our brochure:

Our Invitation:
Legal Intellects LLP invites you to join our campaign, provide awareness to every single member of your organization, prepare them to commit #WeWont and the organization will, in turn, proudly declare that they are fully compliant with this important law of the land satisfying not only the legal requirements but their social responsibilities too.
Be a proud organisation by making this campaign successful and display the commitment #WeWont for one and all to see that your organisation has fulfilled their responsibilities to put an end to this menace, thus enhancing its goodwill and reputation besides attracting and retaining the best of the talent in their respective fields so that everyone will #WorkStrong.



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